In Case You Are Under the Weather

A few weeks ago, I experienced one of the worst things that can happen to any college student while they are away from home. I contracted the common cold. Symptoms of any college sickness will inevitably lead

You will probably be using these a lot- Photo Courtesy of davidlat

to lack of motivation, skipped classes and a burning desire to sleep in your own bed. Unfortunately, while there is nothing you can really do about this tragic turn of events except put yourself into a cold medication induced coma and sleep your life away, there are some items that can definitely make your life better.


Earth Theraputics Products- This company is probably the greatest discovery my mother has ever made in her Christmas shopping endeavors. They make many products that are designed for stress relief. My favorite of these is the Anti-Stress Microwaveable neck pillow and aloe socks. Yes, I said aloe socks. Aloe socks are the best socks ever and you need to own them. They also make a variety of other products that are just as wonderful. Earth Theraputics can be found at Kohl’s and Bed Bath and Beyond retailers.


Yoga Pants- Even if you don’t do yoga, I feel these are most necessary to own when you are sick. Especially when you might inadvertently have to get out of bed and go to the doctor’s office. Contrary to popular belief I am not at all a fan of Victoria’s Secret yoga pants. I don’t think they look good or fit that well at all. Plus I could probably buy 3 new outfits, take my entire family to lunch, and adopt a baby kitten and buy everything it needs for the rest of its life with the same amount of money I’d spend on one pair of Victoria’s Secret yoga pants. According to my thorough and extensive  research (debatable) , SO by Kohl’s are comfortable, affordable and fit better than any other brand.


Tank Tops- This is all you are going to want to live in for at least 5 days. The cheapest and most comfortable tank tops are sold by Forever 21. They are often only $2.80 and I find them very enjoyable. You might as well stock up on these because well, they’re awesome for all occasions, but they’re also in my opinion the most comfortable option for laying in bed all day.


Hopefully this has helped you plan ahead on the off yet more than likely chance that you will contract some sort of illness while you are away at college. Hope you stay healthy! But just in case you don’t, now you know what to wear.

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