Iran to become a model society to prevent the spread of AIDS

After effectively handling the presence of AIDS in its society, Iran is now setting an example to other countries.
Iranian drug addicts are provided with clean needles as they are weaned off heroine. (courtesy of

Iran may become a model society in the ongoing fight against AIDS.

While Iran is quite near to Afghanistan’s opium fields, drug addiction is an issue. AIDS affected heroine uses first when the virus reached Iran. Now, leaders are taking strides to prevent this virus from spilling over to the general population.

“They began to understand it was better to have a (drug) addiction problem than an addiction problem with HIV,” said Dr. Seyed Ramin Radfar to On Top Magazine., an executive manager at an Iranian non-governmental organization that runs methadone clinics and needle exchange projects throughout the country.

Drug addicts, while being weaned off heroine with methadone, are provided with clean needles. America had refused to partake in such behavior until recently.

“Iran is absolutely a model for the world in certain respects,” said Susie McLean to On Top Magazine, a senior adviser in HIV and drug abuse at the International AIDS Alliance. “No one ever would have thought they would make delivering services to junkies a priority.”

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