It’s like we’re devolving…[Rant]

This is me, right much anger

Hello guys. It’s a beautiful day outside. My spring break is going swell. I hope yours is too. The day is beautiful, life is beautiful, and we are all beautiful people. However, what I have to say today won’t be.

I want to address a few things that have been on my mind lately. This post will deviate from my typical type of post. Instead, it will be more of a rant.The topic of which is this: the apparent devolving of this country in terms of civil rights. The fact that in 2o12, we are seriously talking about issues like contraception. The fact that people are literally murdered for doing nothing but being black and walking down the street and the killer isn’t even arrested or charged with anything. It’s 2012, not 1902! What the hell is wrong with us?

This whole line up on GOP politicians are decidedly and aggressively anti-women. The political climate of this country is disgusting. It astounds me that in 2012, we are seriously debating weather or not contraception should be covered by health care providers. It disgusts me even more when conservative talk radio people degrade a poor civilian women for simply speaking their mind when we live in a country that’s supposed to pride ourselves on a person’s right to do so.

Then, when those talk radio hosts get the backlash they deserve from the country, they defensively compare what they do to to satire that comedians do about people in power. It’s not even close to the same thing. Hate speech and satire are not even close to the same thing.  One intends to harm someone who is powerless, in order to prevent them from getting any power. The other is used to mock those in power and hold them accountable. It’s not the same thing, and to say it is just goes to show what they think of the intelligence of their audience.

Then, like out of some Orwell novel, these jerks have the balls to go one step farther and claim that the left is waging war on women. Seriously, that’s the new talking point. They are looking in a mirror and saying “look at what the left is doing!” What is this garbage? What is wrong with these monsters?  This is beyond what we should tolerate from our lawmakers and pundits.

It just keeps getting worse. Like an infected wound. Santorum and all the other right wing puppets spewing hate like puss everywhere. The media sitting by and claiming neutrality as these people campaign on taking away everyone’s rights systematically. What disgusts me most is that none of this surprises anyone. We’ve learned the tolerate the absurd from those who we elect to be the most rational of our population. If this is who we claim represents us, than we all need to look in the mirror, and confront the evil we have all let run loose.

I could go on and on and on, but I promised Morgann I’d let her tackle the whole Trayvon Martian thing, so I’ll just wrap this up. Live as emotionally and intellectually honest as possible, and try to enjoy the day despite my depressing anger-fueled words.

-JM Romig

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