LA Zombie

Canadian director Bruce LeBruce makes a film about a homeless guy who thinks he's a zombie alien who thinks he needs to have sexual intercourse with dead humans, and Richard Wolstencroft thinks it's a masterful depiction of schizophrenia at its best/worst. And near the end, the cops get involved.

Idea for a movie: ¬†homeless guy thinks he’s a zombie…not just a zombie, an alien zombie…and he also thinks he was sent to roam the earthly streets of Los Angeles in a never ending quest for dead bodies and gay sex…and he’s schizophrenic. I’ll call it…”LA Zombie”!

"It came from beneath the fuck the dead back to life." Just wow.

I could’ve made that into a great movie. Too bad the idea has already been taken by Canadian director Bruce LeBruce (I’d be pissed, but who could be mad at someone with such a cool name?).

The film, an hour long, stars French porn star Francois Sagat as the homeless “alien zombie”, and is completely voiceless.

Personally, I think (from seeing it only in my minds vivid eye) that the film is a laugh, but audiences in Switzerland’s Locarno festival don’t see the humor, as one reviewer remarks that a portion of them walked out on the viewing.

Other than being a great way to get that reluctant few to leave your film festival, “LA Zombie” is also an Australian tested way to practice public disobedience.

Richard Wolstencroft, head of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF), held a September showing of the movie in his house after it was pulled from the Melbourne International Film Festival in July. It was pulled because censors objected to its depiction of gay sex and male full frontal nudity.

Though a seemingly minor offense, this showing was illegal because of LA Zombie’s unclassified film status, and Wolstencroft knew the legal risks when he decided to show it.

Police took no heed of his artsy crimes until last Thursday, when they raided his home.

Yahoo! News reported Wolstencroft telling the AFP that “Police searched for a copy of the film, but we destroyed ours after the Melbourne Underground Film Festival screening in September.”

Later, he is reported as saying “We thought that police might come for the screening. But they didn’t. We don’t understand why they came after all this time.”

The world may never know why the police waited so long to raid the Wolstencroft homestead, but I have a theory. ¬†I think a living alien might have come down and tipped the police off to what you were making his brother’s rotting, human corpse do.

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