LGBT seniors find new life in coming out

While acceptance of various sexualities continues to grow, more and more senior citizens opt to come out and experience what they have suppressed their whole lives.


People who work with older adults have seen an increase in those who come out later in life. (courtesy of


Younger and younger — and older and older — individuals come out as LGBT due to increased awareness of gender identities, the Associated Press reports.

“For the first time in my life, I’m not putting on a show,” said Bill Farthing to AP. “It seems like I’ve been out on a cloud all my life and now I’m not. I’m me.”

Farthing, 75, eventually had sexual reassignment surgery and changed her first name to Chrissie.

While no specific studies have been conducted on this matter, AP reports that people who work with the elderly have seen an undeniable trend. This has resulted in the formation of support groups and services to assist them.

“When somebody comes out at the age of 20, they have their whole life ahead of them,” said Karen Taylor to AP, the director of training and advocacy for SAGE, a national group that works with LGBT seniors. “There’s a real sense of regret and loss for somebody who comes out later in life, even when talking to them and they say the decision was the right one.”

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