Hey look it’s another British t.v.show that many of the readers haven’t heard of before.  Misfits is a science fiction/fantasy show about a group of 20 somethings that get superpowers from a freak storm.  Sounds like your basic people getting superpowers cliche,but the thing is the people that get the powers aren’t the greatest of people.  The main cast of season 1 and 2 is Nathan,Simon,Curtis,Kelly and Alisha each of whom have gotten into trouble with the law and now are stuck doing community service. So the delinquents that do community service now have superpowers, you’d think they all become super-villains or superheros, but overall the show is just them trying to live as normally as they possibly can (they usually fail horribly at first and it somehow works out in the end).


Each characters reason for being in community service is different, like being caught buying drugs,drunk driving,trying to burn a house down,fighting and stealing a car9I won’t ruin Nathan’s reason for arrest because it is one of the greastes moments in the show).

Overall I don’t actually want to spoil anything of this tv show(it’s that good and telling you everyones powers would ruin it). But for the sake of this article i’ll be telling  you one characters power and a story line from season 1. Also I’ll be spoiling a characters power from season 3.

This show features a lot of sex, as do most of the shows I talk about it seems (minus my little pony and all that jazz). There isn’t a LGBTQ character within the show and overall it is used overall as a joke or as insults,Mostly from Nathan towards Simon(cause Simon is quite and doesn’t hang out with the group much in season 1).  In season 1 Alisha gains the ability of throwing anyone into a fit of extremely sexual frenzy whenever touched by her (which of course backfires horribly and she is almost raped multiple times) but during a montage of everyone using their powers Alisha is shown touching both men and women, the scene never gets mentioned again but it could be a nod to her possible bisexuality.

 Now back to the relationship that is Nathan and Simon, originally Nathan picked on Simon because Simon was the ‘weird kid’ that didn’t like talking to others. That changes drastically in one episode where Nathan falls deeply into lusty love with Simon.  He continually tries to make out and or grope Simon through out the episode. Eventually the group figures out why this has happened and correct it. Simon and Nathan’s relationship is back to normal, with Simon eventually standing up to Nathan and gaining more respect for each other in the process.

In season 3 the show sort of shows a transgendered character (but not really… this is a really weird show). In season 3 Curtis gains the ability to gender-swap, becoming a very good looking woman named Melissa. As Melissa ,Curtis had a female lover and got to experience a few of the joys of being a woman (a.k.a. periods) For awhile Curtis doesn’t actually mind his new power.Until something happens that makes him want to get a new one,which he does.

Misfits is a hilariously weird show,I highly suggest watching it before the Americanized version(which is coming) hits our shores.

Misfits season 1,2 and 3 are available now on Hulu



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