Mr. Gay USA

A pageant for brains not just bronze.
Mr. Gay Philadelphia, Ryan Mattis, 28 picture found, copywrite 2010

The Mr. Gay USA pageant is being held in Philadelphia. The point of the pageant is to stray away from the stereotypical views of gay men. A prime candidate is very well rounded. Not just an extremely good looking man. One judge, Michael Musto, had this to say to about what he is looking for in a contestant. “I am looking for an intelligent and personable guy who happens to be good-looking, not the other way around. I want someone who can represent all gays by being an individual — someone with spunk, spirit and smarts worthy of our community’s respect.” He even mentioned somewhere that sexual favors would not be acceptable.

The contest is spanned over two days. There is a question and answer, plus a chance to see the contestants in evening and swim wear. I do not know who would want to pass up a chance to watch these men in nothing but swim wear, I sure would not.

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