NYC police officer reassigned after anti-gay remark

While working undercover in an area suspected of uncontrolled substance sales, a NY police officer makes anti-gay remarks.
An undercover police officer reveals himself when two gay-rights activists call the police on him for anti-gay remarks. (courtesy of

One NYC police officer was reassigned to a desk job after making anti-gay comments.

For the past few months, officers have been attempting to close down Chi Chiz, a bar and restaurant that caters to gay men. Police have allegedly witnessed four sales of uncontrolled substances there.

The bar was closed by officials, but appeal by the owners found it reopened the next evening.

One night, though, a white man in the establishment yelled out “This fag establishment should be closed,” according to

The man proceeded to insult two individuals who approached him, and they called 911.

As the police arrived, it became known that the white man making these remarks was an undercover police officer whose identity is now not being released. He has since been reassigned.

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