Ohio gay magazine interview's the Buckeye's coach

An Ohio gay magazine interviewed the Buckeye's head football coach recently calling it the first interview of its kind, America Blog.com reports.
Ohio State University head football coach Jim Tressel supports diversity among football players. (Courtesy of Our Honor Defend)

An Ohio gay magazine interviewed Ohio State University‘s head football coach recently in what it called the first NCAA interview with a gay publication, according to America Blog.com.

Outlook magazine (page 32), based in Columbus, interviewed Jim Tressel, the conservative Christian coach, regarding gays in sports.

“We try to tell our guys that an authentic you is the best you,” Tressel told the magazine. “That’s truly what freedom means.”

The magazine’s author purports the article as possibly being the first one-on-one interview from a Division I NCAA head coach with a gay media outlet.

While Tressel appeared conservative on paper, his interview suggests a more tolerant persona hidden under his sweater vests.

“When I think of the diversity we’ve had on our team the past few years,” Tressel told outlook, “it goes way beyond just racial, sexual or ethnic mix. Whatever a young man feels called to express, I hope we will help him do it in a supportive environment. Everybody is important, and maturity is learning to find and appreciate those differences in others.”

For the original America Blog article, click here.

— Justin McCraw

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