"Over the Rainbow" with PRIDE! and UCM

Students feel a weak bridge between Christians and the LGBT.
The 2007 documentary examines the relationship between homosexuality and the christian faith. (photo courtesy of Wikipedia.org))

Students feel a weak bridge between Christians and the LGBT.

“When one thinks of a christian, (he or she) thinks anti-gay,” said Darren Stevenson, a sophomore nursing major. “They think God and homosexuality is incapable.”

Stevenson is the lead organizer behind “Over the Rainbow,” a guided discussion that he said he hopes will narrow the gap between christianity and homosexuality as it reveals a more gay-friendly interpretation of the bible.

The event, sponsored by United Christian Ministries (or UCM) and PRIDE! Kent begins 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, in room 317 of the Kent Student Center.

At the guided discussion, visitors will watch clips from the 2007 documentary, “For The Bible Told Me So,” and have time to comment and ask questions after each clip.

Stevenson said he expects not only members from PRIDE! Kent and UCM attending the discussion, but also members from Kappa Phi–a christian sorority, Kent State FreeThinkers, Delta Lamba Phi–a gay, bisexual, transgendered and progressive ally fraternity, and the Akron Pride Center.

For more information, visit the event’s facebook page.

– Simon Husted

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