Pink is the New… Everything

Bedazzled and comfy, Victoria's Secret line of PINK branded products has its advantages and disadvantages.
Pink is Everything

There is no escaping one of the most popular clothing lines of the decade. Yes, today we are talking about the Victoria Secret’s PINK Collection. I remember very clearly back in the day when if you did not own at least one “Love Pink” hoodie then you might as well hide in a corner and consider yourself a social outcast for the remainder of your young middle school life. But times have changed, and while I do not consider myself a social outcast for owning any loungewear that is not from the PINK collection, the collection itself has expanded into something noteworthy, that is rather impressive, but none the less has also raised some concern in my eyes. So without further ado, I give you my advantages and disadvantages to the VS Pink clothing line.


Advantage Numero Uno: All Out Comfortable

Yes, no one can deny that anything out of the VS PINK collection is undeniably fuzzy and there for undeniably lovable.

Advantage Number Two: They bedazzle the shit out of everything they produce.

I’m pretty sure if inanimate objects could talk, then PINK clothes would say “BLING! Sparkle. Sparkle.” Plus they also use animal print and lots of fun colors! Yaay fun colors!

Advantage Number Three: They have NFL Sports Wear!

Woo! The ability to support your favorite team without having to wear the same curve-less gear as your heterosexual male friends. Plus it’s super cute…and bedazzled.

Disadvantage Number One: Kent is not featured in their Collegiate Wear.

But do you know what the only college from Ohio that is represented? The University of Cincinnati (Proof: click here). Does anyone else find that really random? Like they just threw a dart at a map of Ohio and were like “Oh yeah, The University of Cincinnati, that’s perfect!”. No Victoria’s Secret, no it is not, and I am hurt and bewildered by the fact that you left my wonderful school out of your cute college wear collection. SHAME ON YOU!

Disadvantage Number Two: Super Duper Ridiculously Expensive

I’m talking super pricey here. Like you could feed an entire third world country with the amount of dough you’d spend on one hoodie and a pair of yoga pants pricey. And if you would rather spend your hard earned money on bedazzled yoga pants than donate to the rain forest or world peace or something, who am I to judge?

Disadvantage Number Three: The phrase “Love Pink” is literally on everything.

It does not matter what kind of  justification you give it. It does not matter that it is Victoria’s Secret, or that all of your friends are wearing it, or that it was once endorsed by Heidi Klum. The fact that you are wearing a green/orange/whatever color shirt that says “Love Pink” across it, that in fact is not pink at all, is weird. It is awkward and it is forever going to be awkward, and there is nothing you can do but accept it and move on with your life.


Now that I’ve got that out of my system, time to end this post with something off topic.

I hope all of you have been paying attention to one of the top, fashion related, unofficial, national Holidays of the year! YES OF COURSE I’M TALKING ABOUT FASHION WEEK! It runs until the September 15th and it is streaming live on right now, so I hope all of you are keeping track of your favorite shows and designers through out the rest of this fabulous week 🙂



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