PMR: A Nice Alternative to PMS

Learning to relax like your inner child always wanted you to.

Remember when all it took to have a great time was a little bit of imagination?  I do, and, because for some of us that time is too recent for nostalgia, I conferred with the good fellows over at lovetoknow and learned of a fun and easy way to relax using the immense power of your imagination.

It’s called passive muscle relaxation (PMR) and, as the title suggests, it is a very fun alternative to PMS (not the actual syndrome; I’ve got nothing against women and their…cycles).

All you have to do to become a practitioner of PMR is to think about relaxing your muscles.

Seriously, that’s all you have to do, and it works very noticeable wonders.  No sooner had I thought “relax” to myself than I felt my muscles obeying my command.

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As much as I want it to be, this isn’t magic.  What happens is, in the same way that thinking about stressful things stresses you out, visualizing your muscles relaxing sends a message to your brain telling it to de-stress the muscles.  All that science (not magic) didn’t come from lovetoknow, it came from tripod.

As a disclaimer, don’t try PMR is you have high blood pressure or a history of heart problems, and if you find yourself PMSing more than once a month, consult your local physician as soon as possible.

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