Pop Sensation Key-Dollar-Sign-Ah

The Gleeks get drunk!

Theme. The topic of alcohol makes its way into Glee’s plotline this week. WMHS students are showing up to school drunk, enacting six suspensions; Sue wants Schuester to enroll in Alcoholics Anonymous; and Rachel throws a party when her dads are out of town.

Rachel has a little too much to drink and finally lets loose. Screen shot: Kelli Fitzpatrick

What I Loved.

The party, part 1. Rachel’s get-together, consisting only of Glee members plus Kurt and Blaine, starts out hilariously boring. Rachel, thinking she’s playing hostess of a 1960s soiree, is dressed in a full-length teal blue nightgown-esque dress. She passes out drink tickets, limiting two per person, and announces the night’s specialty drink: wine coolers. As people try to escape, Puck decides he must break into Rachel’s dads’ liquor cabinet to bring some life to the shindig.

The party, part 2. With liquor as their fuel, the Gleeks bust out: Santana and Sam commence heavy, drunk make out sessions, much to Quinn’s chagrin. Brittany performs a sort of strip show for Artie. Rachel starts a game of Spin the Bottle. What did I love about all this? Nothing in particular—it was a bunch of drunken Gleeks singing flashback songs and losing articles of clothing. Sounds like a good time to me.

Blaine’s confusion. Despite his continual confidence in himself and his sexuality, Blaine cracks a little when he kisses Rachel at her party—and seems to enjoy it immensely. The two even go on a date, infuriating Kurt and thrilling Rachel. Both Kurt and Blaine are a little confused as the latter tries out being bisexual, but by the end of the show he’s figured it out. When Rachel kisses him sober for the first time, Blaine perks up: “Yup. I’m gay. 100%. Thanks for clearing that up for me.” This event goes to show that it takes a few trials for someone to really figure who they are, or what sexuality they identify as.

The party continues for the Gleeks. Screen shot: Kelli Fitzpatrick

Schuester’s acting out. Despite my long-aware feelings of his creepiness, Schue finally relaxed this episode. He went to a bar with Coach Bieste, had a few too many drinks, rode a mechanical bull and drunk dialed what he thought was Emma’s phone number. My favorite curly-haired dude is slowly coming around from his streak of creep and into the realm of funny, honest mistakes. (He accidentally called Sue, by the way. Of course.)

The Glee club’s rendition of “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. Or, as Principal Figgins says it, Key-dollar-sign-AH.” Brittany was a more talented and more hygienic Ke$ha lookalike, even as she puked blue goop all over Rachel.

What I Didn’t Love.

Sue’s far-fetched bullying. Maybe it’s a phase, but I’m growing tired of Sue’s antics. This time around, she plays Schuester’s drunken voicemail over the PSA for all the school to hear. Unprofessional, unrealistic and slightly annoying.

Top Character Quotes.

“Just listen to any hit by pop sensation Key-dolllar-sign-AH.” – Principal Figgins
“I owns those guppy lips!” – Santana
“You ain’t lived until you’ve seen me in a cowboy hat.” – Coach Bieste
“I sat through that whole Brokeback Mountain. From what I gathered, something went down in that tent.” – Burt, Kurt’s dad


Next Week. Gwenyth Paltrow is back as the substitute Sex Education teacher, inspiring an entire “Sexy” theme for the episode. And it seems that sparks may be flying between she and Schuester!

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