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So you managed to click your way to this page when you should probably be doing something else, right? Awesome.

I’m dedicating this blog to women’s topics, lesbian issues and relationship advice. And, no, you don’t have to be a woman to read this at all! Though, I plan on adding at least one blog about the best menstrual remedies and facts on the vagina; if you’re a guy and that’s clearly going to freak you out, I apologize!

Rated XX: It's like walking into the girl's restroom where we'll talk about a wide range of topics. This blog plans to look into women's trends and rights, lesbian issues and health.

Anyway, to kick this blog off, I compiled a short list of what some women said they want men to know about us. Feel free to add your own ideas in a comment, email me, etc. I might write more of these in later posts!

What Women Want Men to Know:

1- Women watch porn occasionally and can be just as horny as guys. We’re just better at hiding our lady boners.

2- Sometimes, it sucks to have boobs. Yes, they are pretty and a beautiful part of the woman’s body, but they can be such a pain in the ass when a bra doesn’t fit right or if you’re trying to work out.

3- Men will say that women are confusing. I think a better way to put this is that humans are confusing. Mankind doesn’t always make rational sense, and face it, humans suck at communication.

4- Whoever said girls don’t poop, fart or release gas is crazy. Yes, some women will try to hide this or pretend it doesn’t happen, but trust me, it does.

5- Women who wear tight clothes or reveal cleavage aren’t necessarily sluts. There might be another reason they’re in those clothes. It’s a possibility that they feel more comfortable in jeggings, skin-tight v-neck shirts. Or, there was nothing else int he department store when they made their “off-to-college” wardrobe.

Megan Wilkinson is a blogger for Fusion Magazine

About the Blogger:

Boy Child: Plays with toy cars, LEGO sets, is more aggressive, highly active, prefers to play outdoor activities.

While my female peers were busy playing with dolls, I'd be playing with these, cars and video games.

Girl Child: Plays with dolls, kitchen sets, is more emotional, compliant, prefers to play indoors.

Me: I fell somewhere between these two social norms as a child. I hated wearing dresses and anything pink, but I enjoyed dance class. I refused to play with Barbie dolls and instead, ┬áturned to my stuffed animals for fun. If my dad tried to call me ‘princess,’ I would likely stick my tongue out and say ‘princesses are icky!’

For the most part, I was a tomboy throughout grade school and it took me until ninth grade to hit puberty. I ddin’t fit in with most of my classmates because I didn’t fit the typical gender stereotype for a while. Unlike most bgirls in my classes, I would play sports, wear guy’s clothing and classified myself as bi-curious. Peers made fun of me because I was scrawny and tried really hard in my academics.

However, the older I got, I realized that I shouldn’t get so upset when people ridicule me for my lifestyle–especially if they weren’t actually my close friends. This truly helped me to mature into the personI am today. Anyway, I’m not going to blab on for hours, but before you go, here’s a short blurb on my life:

The basics . . .

My name is Megan, I’m 19-years-old and a sophomore magazine journalis major from Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, I work for the Daily Kent Stater, Harbor Communications, Fusion magazine and Einstein’s Bagels.

Favorites . . .

Band: Green Day

TV Series: My Little Pony or Dr. Who

Book: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist or Catcher in the Rye

Movie: Whip It or Scott Pilgrim

Outside Class and Work . . .

You can probably find me relaxing at either Scribbles, Starbucks or the nearest coffee joint reading, writing or just poking around online. I run in road races, practice piano, watch Disney movies, skate and master my Tetris-skills.

If I could be a dude for a day . . .

I would totally want to know what it’s like to urinate while standing up into a toilet. Or heck, what it would be like to urinate without taking my pants off.

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