Remember: Even the smallest envelope is heavy for an elf

It's Christmastime in Glee world, with a boatload of Christmas carols to match.

It’s Christmastime in Glee world!

Theme. The most wonderful time of the year is here, with a boatload of Christmas carols to match. My favorite dumb blonde still believes in Santa Claus; Rachel tries to serenade Finn back into her life; and Sue paints herself green. Yep, this is what Christmas is all about.

What I Loved. Glee didn’t do half bad with their holiday episode. Granted, who doesn’t love a Christmas show?

  • Brittany is a true Santa-believer. Dear, dear, dumb Brittany: How do I love you? Let my list the ways: At age 17 (I’m guesstimating) you still believe in St. Nick, despite common sense and all that. You are both scandalous and innocent, as you used to sleep around but you cherish Santa and his elves (who you, of course, get confused with slaves). The list could go on and on…
  • Glee club’s teaming up to keep Brit’s Santa fantasy alive. The gang visits Mr. Claus at the mall, who is interestingly a black one. This doesn’t faze Brittany one bit: To the black Santa, she says, “You’ve gotten really tan.”

    How festive! Sony released this hilarious Glee Christmas card to promote the holiday CD. Copyright 2010 Photo:
  • Kurt and Blaine sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” The two have great chemistry on-screen, and I’m waiting for this flirtation to evolve into something else. The boys neglected to utilize the best way to warm up on a chilly evening–a kiss! Kurt discusses how no production would ever let Blaine and him sing this song together, but I want to know–will Glee let the duo kiss…or date?
  • Rachel flexing her vocal skills again. She belts out “Last Christmas” with Finn, the perfect lovesick holiday tune.
  • Sue goes all Grinch as she rigs the faculty Secret Santa, steals the presents from the Glee club’s charity drive and destroys their Christmas decorations. With her apprentice Becky as a “reindog,” Sue ruins Christmas but rightfully restores it by the end of the episode when she and the Gleeks bring holiday cheer to Schue at his empty home.
  • One last thing on Brittany: She and Artie actually make a cute couple. Now that his Tina chapter is over, Artie is a nice, stable boyfriend for the dim-witted cheerleader. Here’s hoping that their love survives through the 2011 season!

What I Didn’t Love.

  • Rachel seems to be holiday-confused. As she’s trying to woo Finn, she admits, “As a Jew, I don’t normally give Christmas presents.” But, throughout the rest of the episode, she dons red, green and white outfits, sings Christmas carols and seems to have neglected any Hanukkah connections. I would have loved to see her in some blue and silver garb or a grandma-esque dreidel sweater!
  • Glee skipped over my FAVORITE Christmas tune: Santa Baby! That would have been the perfect song for Rachel in her attempt at winning back Finn. It would have been slightly creepy–since he hates her now–but awesome.
Glee: The Music - The Christmas Albums is available on iTunes. Copyright 2010 Photo:

Top Character Quotes. Santa brought them by the sleigh-load this time!

  • “I only want one thing for Christmas this year: Stop friend requesting me on Facebook.” – Artie
  • “I’m cruel and all, but that’s hardcore.” – Puck, about breaking the news about Santa to Brittany.
  • “You’re not the only person at this school who consumes protein powder by the tubful.” – Sue
  • “The show must go on. Besides, the AV club worked so hard on the fake snow.” – Rachel
  • “Get me my tear gas. And then get me Gloria Allred.” – Sue
  • “On the upside, I’m in love with him and he’s actually gay. So that’s progress.” – Kurt

Farewell! Alas, Glee is on hiatus until February. How will I survive the next two months? By putting the Glee soundtracks on repeat and creeping around the internet for next year’s sneak peeks. Of course.

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