Sex is for everybody.

Most everyone does it, and there's not one person who doesn't think about it. And guess what- it's as tempting as your favorite slice of pie!
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Let’s face it—sex is addictive. It’s a lot like eating your favorite slice of pie. Before you try it, you don’t know how good it is, so when you pass it in the Bob Evan’s buffet you consider it something nice to look at and maybe even think about indulging. But after you try the pie, it’s a bitch to resist the next time!

Whether you’re gay, straight, or something in between, you know if you’ve tried it, sex is great!  But as much as it is fantastic, sex can also become extremely confusing if it’s not properly dealt with.

Yes, boys and girls, I’m talking about actual dating, and dare I write it: Courtship—gay gasp! Casual sex is nice, but what happens when the casual stuff gets complicated? What happens when “no strings attached” becomes obsolete? I refuse to believe chivalry is dead, and I think you do, too.

Trust me, I’m no expert on the matter, but it’s issues like this and many more that I’ll be writing about for the next couple of months. Why? Sex is an inescapable, frequently visited thought. And guess what, most all of us do it! That doesn’t make us dirty; it just makes us human.

So, let me be the first to invite you into my blog, where weekly I will share with you anything from simple observations and thoughts to my own personal stories about sex, relationships, and everything and anything in between.

Until next time…

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