Sexuality In…True Blood

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10 minutes in and we already have couch sex. Even Mr.Smiley is shocked by this

True Blood…oh god what could I say about True Blood that hasn’t been said before?  Oh yeah, It’s porn, it’s porn with a very interesting plot and cast of characters,but it’s still porn. Now don’t get me wrong I love this series.(minus the main character)

True Blood is about the barmaid Sookie Stackhouse who can hear the thoughts of the people around her. Since she works at a bar a lot of the time she hears drunk men thinking about how it would be nice to take her home and do terribly naughty things to her.

Oh also about two years prior to the beginning of the series(we’re talking in the series’ universe)  Vampires have come out of the coffin and now are living among  humans,as second class citizens (huh,  that sounds so much like how gays are treated,doesn’t it?) because of a new product called “True Blood”. A synthetic blood drink that keeps allows vampires to co-exist with humans without having to feed from them.   Now that they are out in the open they are fighting for equal rights, but this interesting pseudo-LGBT type issues are in the background, There’s even a church group called the Fellowship of the Sun (basically any church group that is against the LGBTQ community). Instead we get the weird sexual adventures of a waitress that lives in a tiny Louisiana town. Which usually involve murder,kidnapping and…sex….. I’ve said that a few times haven’t I?

Anyway, so the main character Sookie Stackhouse (who is a bit of a blonde bimbo)meets the rather hot Southern vampire Bill Compton ,The only person she has never been able to hear the thoughts of. They begin dating,much to the disappointment of friends and the shapeshifter that has a huge crush on her. There is a course a string of bloody murders where Sookie’s brother and even Bill are assumed to be suspects, and that’s where I’m gonna have to stop with the review,cause if I don’t I’ll spoil basically everything for the people that have never seen True Blood before and it’s also been forever since I’ve seen season 1,also I barely remember the plot lines of season 2 and 3 (it’s been about a year  for season season 3 and 2 years since season 2).

Now dear reader, I’m sure your asking yourself, “Kat if vampires are basically an allegory for the LGBTQ community is there a few actually LGBTQ characters in the story?”  We’ll your in luck my fine readers there is in fact one amazingly awesome character for your LGBTQ needs.

Lafayette Reynolds:

Other than my horribly large crush on Bill Compton, Lafayette is my favorite character. He’s sassy(He’s sassier then the sassiest gay man you know, I promise you). Lafayette is a bit of a Jack of all trades, but in slightly more seedier endeavors. He’s a short order cook,a road crew worker, a drug dealer, the operator of a pornographic website and a prostitute. Despite all that though he cares deeply about his cousin Tara and the people that are close to him. Through out season’s 1-3 Lafayette grows as a character, starting off as the “Only Gay Black Man in Town” to a man that has had a hard life and has words of advice for most.

Pam from Season 3 promo

Now there is another character that could be considered a lesbian is Pam,but since she is a vampire she tends to flip between male and female fang-bangers(people that are willing to fuck vampires) quite often. Also it seems that vampires really don’t care about gender as long as they can get blood and sex out of it (though many do have a preference for male or female).

Other then our two mentioned above characters, it’s pretty much man on woman sexiness with the occasional reference to gay/lesbian sex,ex: The vampire Queen mentions how much she enjoys the sight of two men fucking. There’s also a later scene where one character has a very steamy dream with another man.

Well that’s about it…go on get out of here. You’ve learned about True Blood now and what it has to offer you in ways of entertainment, it’s basically porn,as well as a great little guilty pleasure that has murder mysteries chucked in for good measure. Hopefully this article was enjoyable for you dear reader,since it gave me hell for the first few hours.


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