Sexuality in… Video Games Awesome

As a lil’ Kat I would watch my brother play videogames, N64 to PS3,usually while making comments about him doing it wrong even though I  hadn’t ever played the videogame. Then my brother left for college and I took up the mantel of playing videogames for my best buddy Bennett’s enjoyment/fury( I didn’t use in game maps often).

Fraser winning a mini-game in Mario Party 4.

Video Games Awesome is basically those feelings mixed with cursing and beer… Lots of cursing and beer. VGA stars five friends,Fraser,Ben,Becky,Kyle and Deacon. They play pretty much anything like Let’s play Ballerina to Skyrim. The show is not a review show or anything that serious. The series is basically those moments where you’re laughing with a bunch of friends and someone says “We should have our own T.V. show.” It’s sporadic,silly ,full of inside jokes,trolling and general everyday conversations (such as Kyle’s work or Becky’s training for marathons).Also Fraser’s terrible terrible singing.

The show also involves the the people that watch it. The set up of the show allows viewers to see what the host’s are doing ,as well as placing the chatroom on screen allowing the hosts (usually Becky) to comment and talk with the chat room. The chat room trolls Fraser the most calling him “Fwash Fwash”  a keeping a counter of how many times he dies (in the video game) during the show.

Since the show is basically just the 5 of them playing video games,there really is no sexuality or sex that exists in the show( This is my weird review blog thing and I will talk about what I’d like to share with you,the reader,not something that would actually make sense). There are quite a few dick jokes though,featuring heavily in Minecraft episodes where Becky finds it funny when people make cocks of martial found in the game. Usually jokes about sexuality are made towards Fraser and Ben…usually Ben.(Ben has also been having a “*relationship” with one of their fans/Turbo club members who is named Neko,Even the hosts aren’t sure of Neko’s sex or sexuality.) Continuing with Ben,on their Mario Party  2 episode Ben sported a Chicks marry Chicks shirt . Overall the show is fairly harmless there are a few possibly offensive jokes, but there’s nothing sacred on the show and that’s what makes it entertaining (it is after all exactly like how nothing is sacred when cracking jokes with friends and making fun of them).

In all honesty Video Games Awesome is one of the few things I watch anymore(Grimm being the only other new series I watch). I find it extremely enjoyable because of it’s way of making you feel as if your actually really good friends with Fraser,Ben,Becky and Kyle (Not Deacon though, we all hate Deacon) and not many shows,T.V.,Internet,Movie or otherwise can do that.

I hope that you guys actually check out this really really strange but fun show at some point.It’s funny and stupid but damn entertaining.

*relationship: It started in their minecraft server and Neko and Ben have been playing along since then

   Video Games Awesome Youtube channel 

~ For Liz Richardson~


Even for the short time we knew each other,especially since it was all online, I called you my friend.

Now it almost seemed like fate that I wrote this article since I got you into VGA and you enjoyed it so much.

I will miss you and I wish I had known you better.


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