Stay Warm and Bundle Up

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You may find that in your confused daze of wondering how we went from fall to spring so fast, that you forgot about the random blizzards that are bound to occur in almost every Ohio season. So I thought it is most important to talk about a very important college essential for everyone who actually goes to class; the winter coat. I’ve reviewed some of the more popular styles and have given you some feedback to help you along in your seasonal coat shopping!


The “Where the @#$% is your coat?!” Coat– We all have that one friend who refuses to wear a real coat in the winter time. You yell at them at least 5 times a day and they always shrug their shoulders and insist they are “fine”. These people almost always end up in some hybrid between a hoodie and a light jacket (86% of the time this hoodie/jacket hybrid is plaid. I do not know why, it just is). I’ve come to the conclusion that these people may be part lizard, and there for in their cold-blooded glory do not need all the extra warmth that the rest of us do.


The Marshmallow– This is for the person who has no trouble shamelessly walking around in public looking like the tire Michelin Man. Known for its puffiness and inability to move your arms, the marshmallow compensates for its less than flattering exterior with its extreme warmth. A very good coat to go sledding in but overall not the best choice for the active college student. However, if you think you can rock it then more power to you!


*For the record, I have the utmost respect for anyone who chooses to be warm over the sacrifice of knowing that if anyone were to come push you over, you probably wouldn’t be able to get back up on your own for at least two hours.


The Eskimo– When investing in a winter coat it is always good to invest in one with a hood. This is especially important if you ever plan on venturing into the arctic wind tunnel that is Risman Plaza during the winter time. The Eskimo is perfect because it generally comes below the waist, is filled with down or fluff, has a quilted or sleek exterior, and is characterized by a delightful faux fur lined hood. This is the type of coat that I wear, and I absolutely love it! There for I highly recommend it!


The “I’m too cool to buy a real coat” Coat– Generally referred to as a wool coat or peacoat, it is very fashionable and gives off a flattering shape, most of the time it is hoodless and is perfect for that ‘I’m just running from the car to the mall door’ moment, but not so much for that 15 minute walk to your next class. So it’s a great coat to get for Fall, Spring, and last minute Starbucks runs, but please invest in something warmer and preferably with a hood if you are going to be walking to class in 5 degree weather. Remember, being fashionable should never give you frostbite! So please keep warmth on your checklist when buying any kind of winter wear/accessories.

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