Straight Pride Ain't Gay Prejudice

Three students in a Chicago school wear Bible-quoting, gay-bashing straight pride shirts in protest of gay-straight alliance week. reports on an unnamed ignorant fuck wearing this hateful shirt for straight pride. Photo:

In response to a Chicago school’s attempt to combat gay bullying with a gay-straight alliance week, three students (to be known as ignorant fucks from now on) wore straight pride shirts with Bible verses on the back advocating the death of gays.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Deans met with the students, and after establishing that there was no threat of physical harm to others, asked the students to cross out a portion of the Biblical passage with permanent marker.”

Though the ignorant fucks complied and marked over the insulting message, the shirts sparked “heated conversations on Facebook.”

These conversations show that, even though the reaction to these shirts has been negative, they actually accomplish what gay-straight alliance week set out to do:  they get people talking.

Jim Blaney, director of school and community relations for the Chicago school, tells the Tribune that “While it may have been a little bit controversial at times, the kids at North are talking about this…”

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