Nick: You’re telling me that Geiers deal in human organs?
Monroe: Well, okay. This might be a little awkward, but for example, you probably didn’t know that your testicles… I mean, not YOUR testicles specifically, but that part of the human male anatomy has a kind of Viagra-like effect on certain species.
Nick: …
Monroe: Not that I ever had needed to… I mean everything works great.
Nick: Oh, no, that wasn’t awkward at all.
-Grimm 1X10 Organ Grinders

That is the exact lines from the T.V. show Grimm, The characters are  having dinner with each other,We’re talking just the two of them,glasses of wine and all that jazz(I actually think there’s Jazz music in the background). Today’s a very special day my dear readers. Today is the first ever Subtext Monday.

Subtext Monday is a magical day when I look at a T.V. show/movie/what have you  and dig into the possible LGBTQ sexual subtext, and today I’ve picked a good one…

Nick Burkhardt

Grimm is about homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli), a man that finds out he comes from a long line of Supernatural enforcers called Grimms. Apparently Portland,Oregon (Which is beautifully shot in the show and badly makes me wish I lived around there) is over run with fairy tale creatures that either need to be protected or gotten rid off. But Nick’s a little new to the whole Grimm thing so he needs a little help, Which he gets from a reformed werewolf named Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell).Who is a reformed werewolf,he’s vegetarian, and a huge nerd (He’s really into Christmas and is a clockmaker).

Since Monroe is a reformed Blutbad he overall doesn’t have much of an issue helping Nick after realizing that Grimm-boy isn’t out to kill every single creature out in the world.But, is just extending his detective job into the Grimm world by protecting the innocent ones and catching the bad ones (Nick usually ends up killing them,it isn’t

I'm kind of in love with Monroe

always his fault though). At first Monroe is worried that helping Nick will cause issues in the creature world since he is basically giving away top secret information.Monroe is actually beaten up because he gave information away.

Nick actually has a girlfriend named Juliette,who could basically be a cardboard cut out with a voice box. I know for a fact that I am hard on female characters in t.v. shows but my dislike of Juliette has merit. She doesn’t really do anything. These are the three main things I know about Juliette, she’s a vet,she watches Animal Planet and she’s Nick’s girlfriend. That’s pretty terrible development when she has to be part of a believable relationship.  I’ll put it this way, Nick’s relationship with the female morgue worker is better and she’s only in two episodes. Make note this is just my personal opinion  on Juliette, If you end up liking her, more power to you, I just won’t be joining you in those feelings.

Now before start digging into why I have huge issues with female characters and how the’re written within my favorite male centered t.v. shows, We should move on to the main reason I wrote this article.

Normal dinner scene: Two grown men alone,drinking wine and talking about testicles... Only in Grimm

   Monroe and Nick’s relationship is actually a large part of the story since Nick is growing used to his Grimm abilities and Monroe helped him out unwillingly at first but they then started a very strong bromance over a short period of time. In the second episode Nick has Monroe watch over something extremely important to him,even though Nick and Monroe have basically known each other for maybe two days tops. Nick even says that he trusts Monroe (My sexual tension meter started going off at that point).

 In later episodes it’s alluded to that Nick hangs out at Monroe’s house far more then what is seen on screen (Nick knows where the cups and coffee are in Monroe’s house). During the actual show there are a few major moments that make my sexual tension meter go slightly crazy. In one episode Nick has been placed into the hospital because a creature attacked and wounded him. So it’s up to Monroe to save the day,but to do so he has to go get something at Nick’s super secret Grimm trailer. Which holds information about every single creature a Grimm has ever gone up against. But, instead of  destroying the trailer with as a normal werewolf would; Monroe just picks up the things that Nick asked for and then goes and does what he was asked to do. Nick has even saved Monroe’s life by taking his place during a gladiator type fighting match.(That’s some pretty powerful ‘friendship’ ya got going on there).

There’s actually quiet a bit more on Monroe and Nick I could get into but, if I kept going it’s very likely I’d have six or more paragraphs and I’d end up repeating myself (I’d also probably start fangirling and spouting non-sense so let’s not do that).

 As I mentioned in my previous article, Grimm is one of the few new t.v. shows that I watch currently(every things pretty much just new seasons of my other favorite shows). It can be actually scary at times as well as funny,touching and all the things that make a t.v. show good. I truly love this series and I hope it gets a few seasons. I hope that you at least give Grimm a try if you like Urban fantasy stories.

 Grimm is on NBC on Fridays at 9 EST or for the more technological of us, it’s on Hulu.

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