I live in Ohio, so I know a thing or two about living in places that suck.

There is almost nothing good about Texas. It’s big, mostly populated by morons, and generally shits out the some of the worst celebrities, musicians, and politicians on the planet. This is the state that shat out George Bush, Toby Keith, Renee Zellweger, Vanilla Ice, Gary Busey, Daniel Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy), Hilary Duff, Isaiah Washington, Bill Engvall, everybody else from “Redneck Comedy”, Kenny Rogers, Matthew McConaughey….

I mean, Christ, McConaughey is from Texas. Do I need to keep on with this list? Texas excretes C-minus list celebrities.

Why Texas Sucks:

  • There is a rampant over-use of the death penalty with a history that seems to indicate racism. Despite most violent crimes being committed by Caucasian men, 38.9% of death row offenders are Black, 30.6% are Hispanic, and 29.3% are Caucasian.
  • Recently, the Texas Education Board tried to change the term, “the Slave Trade”, to “the Atlantic triangular trade.” Fortunately, the proposition didn’t pass and students will continue to learn about “the trans-Atlantic slave trade.”
  • The Klu Klux Klan is very active in much of Texas, evidenced by the fact that they’re quite outspoken, acting under the lazy pretense that it’s a religious organization and not a group of pissed off hate mongers.
  • Interracial marriage is still a social issue in Texas. Interracial marriage has even been described as “Caucasian genocide” by some radical groups.
  • Did I mention that Texas is responsible for Matthew McConaughey?
  • Texas SUCKS.

The Texas school system is ridiculous. I fear for children who will be learning the values of a politically biased, racist, homophobic, religiously repressed, historically abridged, and logically stunted education. Weak-minded bureaucrats are running Texas and they’re passing on their illogic to future generations. It should be the right of all American citizens, no matter how old, to receive a well-balanced education free of any religious, political, or cultural bias.

  • According to the Texas Education Board, a person must be dead to be taught about in History classes, thus resulting in wiping Dolores Huerta from the curriculum. This apparently has nothing to do with her being co-founder and First Vice President Emeritus of the United Farm Workers of America. Furthermore, Thomas Jefferson was proposed to be stricken from the curriculum and replaced with John Calvin due to Jefferson’s atheism. John Calvin was great, but how can that justify wiping Thomas Jefferson from Texas education?
  • In 2009 a significant number of University of North Texas students voted to ban same-sex couples from running for homecoming court. The motion didn’t pass, but the fact that anybody is so ignorant as to ban a couple from engaging in any activity, regardless of gender, orientation, race, economic status, or culture, is disgusting.
  • Texas barely even teaches US or World History. They don’t teach about World War II, they teach about what was happening in Texas during World War II and this lacking in knowledge is showing.
  • Texas is #49 in verbal SAT scores in the nation and #46 in average mathematics SAT scores.
  • Only 68% of public school students in Texas graduate from high school.
  • Education in Texas SUCKS. Not everybody can afford higher education, especially with the cost of education growing exponentially in the last ten years, so excellent public K-12 education is imperative. Anything short of excellence is a disservice to American citizens and a flagrant waste of taxpayer dollars.

Now, if you’re wildly screaming at your monitor, “I’m from Texas and I’m not a moron!”, you’re the reason for the word “almost” in the first sentence of this post. I am not making a blanket statement about all Texans. I know that it’s the few crazies that makes everyone else look bad. I am talking about those people, the crazies. You know, those people who make me never want to visit Texas. Ever.

I live in Ohio, so I know a thing or two about living in places that suck.

As always, if you disagree with me, you’re wrong.

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