Thank You, Grilled Cheesus!

Glee continues its fantastic second season with a faith-themed episode in which Kurt deals with his father's illness.
Quinn, Finn and Santana ponder their faith as they sing "What If God Was One of Us," as displayed by NY Daily Photo:

This week, Glee made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me want to sing.

What’s not to love?

The smash show continued its second season Tuesday night. Glee took a step away from slaphappy showstoppers like Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind from the season premiere and Britney Spears’ collection from last week. It turned to a seriously mind-provoking storyline that tugged at the heartstrings.

Theme. Finn opens the show with making a rather spiritual grilled cheese. When he discovers the face of Jesus Christ grilled onto the bread, he feels a “direct connection” to God and promptly begins praying to the sandwich. Kurt’s father suffers from a heart attack and Kurt must face his own beliefs while awaiting his dad’s recovery. So opens the episode’s theme of not just religion, but faith in family, friends and (for some) the Big Guy Upstairs.

What I Loved. What did I adore about this episode? Besides everything? I’ll try to keep this short:

  • Finn’s loveable, simple-minded persona. He’s like an innocent little boy trapped in a man’s body. Ignorance is bliss, but sometimes he does have to face reality.
  • The perfect balance of heart and humor. The Glee Club members rally around Kurt Hummel as he deals with his father’s heart attack. Kurt talks to his comatose dad and holds his hand. The light shines between the sad scenes: Finn prays to his Cheesus to let him touch Rachel’s boobs and Brittany’s recites her usual dumb remarks (see below).
  • Rachel’s voice. She makes me want to blast The Little Mermaid soundtrack and belt out “Part Of Your World” from the top of the KSU library. I know The Little Mermaid has nothing to do with this episode, but that’s just what popped in my mind.
  • Emma’s sweater. I want that black grandma-esque sweater with the cute bee embroidered on the left shoulder. Done.

Finn prays through his personal link to God--his grilled cheese sandwich. Photo:

What I Didn’t Love. This will be a short list:

  • Rachel’s singing to Burt Hummel and gently touching his bald head was nice, but when put in perspective, made me feel awkward. I’m pretty sure Rachel has never met Burt, and suddenly she’s serenading him (although he was unconscious). It was still more cute than uncomfortable, but I had to mention it!

Top Brittany Quotes From This Episode. She may not have much going on in the brains department, but Brittany’s monotone voice and ridiculous tidbits crack me up:

  • “Whenever I pray, I fall asleep.”
  • “Is God an evil dwarf?”
  • “I made him a card that said ‘heart attacks are just from loving too much.'”

What Song They Missed. There’s always that one tune that would have fit perfectly in the episode:

Next Week: The Glee club sings duets (can’t wait to see the pairings!), and Artie might finally win back his ex, Tina.

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