The Birds Are Going Gay

The birds in Florida have had a change in sexuality.
A birdie! Art work by Amber Cantrell Copyright 2010

In Florida there is news of male birds mating with other male birds. The cause of the sexuality change? Mercury. Thats right, researchers are feeding birds different levels of  mercury to see the effect on the birds. These people are turning birds gay. In  the first year, 55 percent of the male birds in the experiment that were given high levels of mercury wanted to mate with other male birds during mating season, , according to “They pretty much did everything except lay eggs. They built nests, they copulated, they sat in the nests together,” Ecologist Peter Frederick told UPI.

As interesting as it is that there are now homosexual birds flying around, I am very curious as to why? I will forever wonder what the point was in turning birds gay.

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