The Lion King Puckfasa has been caged

Glee closes the chapter on slow, forced Broadway tunes and kicks it into high gear with fun, energetic and mildly cheesy songs. The plot heats up as Puck fosters his teacher crush, the political campaigns for Ohio Congress and WMHS senior class president get dirty and Santana’s deepest secret comes to the surface. Glee gave me a lot of great moments to work with, so sit back and enjoy this extended Glee review. This should tide you over for two weeks, until the next new episode.

What I Loved.

  • Glee has saved itself from what looked to be an awful third season. This episode was full of fun mash-ups, one of Glee’s strong suits. Puck and the boys sing Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher,” starting the episode strong with a fast-paced song with funny costumes, crazy color lights in the classroom and Puck’s fantasy of Shelby in a sexy teacher outfit. The New Directions face off against the Trouble Tones in a game of dodgeball, during which they sing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another” mash-up. Totally cheesy, completely funny and such a blast to watch. Glee has finally returned to over-the-top performances, pulling away from the dull West Side Story rehearsals. Schue and Shelby try to bring the two glee clubs together in a “You And I/You And I” mash-up. Of course, it’s Gaga’s tune mashed with another–I loved it so much, I downloaded the tune before the end of the episode. The Trouble Tones perform a fantastic Adele mash-up of “Rumor Has It/Someone Like You.”Powerful ladies combining two powerful tunes by another powerful lady? Mucho gusto.

    The Trouble Tones belt out Adele in a showstopping moment. Photo:
  • Sue remains a hilarious background character with scene-stealing campaign commercials. Her first smear campaign ad claims Burt had a heart transplant, in which he received a baboon–not human–heart. When that doesn’t stir up the response she’s looking for, she issues another advertisement that claims he is married to a donkey. “Don’t let Burt Hummel make an ass out of you, Ohio,” she tells the camera. These commercials left me howling with laughter, though Glee missed a funny opportunity to have Finn react to her calling his momma a jackass. He could have landed some funny airheaded lines with that.
  • Puck’s feeling some adoptive baby mama love. He fantasized about what color undies she wears, hunts her down in school to tell her his true feelings and gives her a small pumpkin (the cafeteria was out of apples) all while wanting to stay committed to his daughter, Beth. Puck even wrote a list of reasons why Shelby should be with him: “You’re hot. I’m hot. Beth needs a dad.” On cue, people: Awwwwwwwwwwww! He further proves his adoration of Shelby by cluing her in about Quinn’s evil plans to get Beth back: the hot sauce, the sadistic baby books.
  • Shelby sets Quinn straight. Quinn has been around the block of personality moments: Straight-laced virgin Cheerio; weeping baby mama with no parental support; selflessly giving her baby to Shelby; bizarre goth chick with a habit of stealing lunch money; back to straight-laced blondie in ugly dresses; and conniving bitch trying to steal Beth from Shelby. Shelby, now knowing Quinn’s baby-snatchig plans, puts Quinnie in her place: She says a mother isn’t just whose body the baby came out of. It’s about accepting you don’t come first–your body, your time and your life are completely turned over to care for the child. Quinn calls her a moneygrubbing whore for giving up Rachel for adoption (umm, Quinn, you know how blatantly hypocritical that is, right?) and Shelby just pushes her out the door.
  • Rachel Berry, former senior class presidential candidate but forever a good friend. Rachel drops out of the race to support Kurt (who, remember, decided to run for president first and cut off ties with Rachel when she joined the race). She tells the small group who bothered to come to hear the candidates’ speeches that Kurt is the only candidate who never used negative campaign tactics and he deserves to win. Kurt and Rachel are friends again and all is well.

    Puck can't deny his feelings for hot mama Shelby. Photo:
  • PS: Am I the only one who think Mitchell and Cam from Modern Family should be Rachel’s dads? Mitchell is all theatrics, oversensitivity and showboating; Cam is all OCD, high-strung and perfectionism. If we EVER get to to meet Rachel’s dads, I hope they are just like my favorite Modern Family couple.

What I Didn’t Love.

  • Another candidate running for Congress launches a smear campaign against Sue with a hate-based commercial. The ad reveals Sue promoted a lesbian cheerleader (Santana, who has yet to come out to anyone but Brittany) and questions if Sue, an unmarried woman, is a lesbian too. Watching Glee and all its loveliness, I forget that it takes place in Ohio, one of the least progressive, least pro-LGBT rights states in the country. Someone running for Ohio Congress might actually see LGBT awareness and acceptance as bad things. Now, Santana feels torn to pieces with her secret leaked to the world–though Finn claims the whole school already knows anyway. Regardless of that and Santana’s raging bitchiness, it’s her right to decide if or when she comes out.
  • Puck’s mohawk is having serious issues. It seems to be growing out to an odd length and looks off-center. What is the hairstylist’s plan for this weird look?
  • Finally, the New Directions’ mash-up of “I Can’t Go for That/You Make My Dreams” had cute 80s-themed outfits but was utterly lackluster and plain compared to the Trouble Tones’ Adele showstopper. Shelby > Schue in song selection!

Top Character Quotes.

It's TT vs. ND in a violent dodgeball match. Photo:
  • “It’s not personal, Porcelain. It’s politics.” – Sue to Kurt (aka Porcelain, Lady Face)
  • “Winning’s really about poop-flinging.” – Sue
  • “Maybe it will turn into World War Glee?” – Schuester
  • “She must like that you look like a taco addict who’s had one too many back alley liposuctions.” – Santana
  • “Your moustache is thicker than a Middle Eastern dictator’s unibrow.” – Santana

Next Episode. Glee goes on Turkey break next week, but the new episode on 11/29 has the theme of Katy Perry’s hit “I Kissed a Girl.” Expect more on Santana’s struggle with coming out and Puck’s teacher crush. (They’ve both secretly kissed certain girls and liked it…get it?) And we will find out who wins the senior class president election.

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