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Here at the Meditation Station you'll learn how to shed the stress of school and the rest of life.

This week wasn’t as easy as last week, what with the lack of snow days, so I think that it’s time to pull out the big dog.  Today, only at Fusion, and, to a less exciting extent, at mayoclinic, you can learn the ancient and widely revered art of meditation.

Over the past week, I’ve been researching meditation techniques for the relaxation-minded individual, and I’ve found  a few short, easy to learn ways to meditate and reduce the stress of everyday living.

My personal favorite is mantra meditation, where you create a mantra and repeat it to yourself as you let your body and mind relax.  Mine is Musha, but yours could be anything from the Lord’s Prayer to the word “egg,” but remember that this is a method of relaxation, don’t choose a word just because it’s funny.  I found that breathing deeply while repeating the mantra is especially helpful in achieving the relaxed state that anyone practicing meditation craves.

Another form I found extremely potent was the Body Scan method.  To become a practitioner, focus your attention on various parts of your body, let yourself become aware of the different sensations throughout your body.  When you’ve let your consciousness flow throughout you body, start breathing deeply.  Imagine that with each breath you take in calming relaxation, and push out passionate heat.

Another meditation method, one that is practiced more widely than any other and that has many varying effects, is prayer.  I won’t tell you how to pray, but if you’re having any problems, talk to your local spiritual leader for advice.

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