The soundtrack to your weekend

Everyone always seems to be looking for new music, especially once the weekend hits. You need that one song that will just make your party the one everyone talks about for the next week, or that will help you get over that nasty ex-boyfriend, or that will get you through that mound of homework you still have to do.

I know how it goes. I obviously do this every week, and I have a song for all of these occasions. (And, in most cases, not just a song but an entire playlist.)

So I’m here to help you.

I’m giving you the tracks you need for your weekend, whether you’re partying or crying or studying. They might not be the newest of songs (maybe sometimes!), but they’ll definitely set whatever tone you need.

  •  Radiohead, “Bloom” (Jamie xx Rework Part 3)

I love Jamie xx, and his remixes are especially incredible. This gem, a new rework of Radiohead’s “Bloom,” popped up this

Radiohead perform live after the release of "The King of Limbs."

morning (although it’s been on the band’s website for nearly two months), and it is both catchy and haunting. Spanning nearly 8-minutes, this remix takes Radiohead places that even Radiohead might not expect to go (and this is RADIOHEAD we’re talking about!). Obviously, you can take from the title that this isn’t even the first time Jamie xx has redone the song. He previously reworked it for a Radiohead remix album, TKOL RMX 1234567, released last year, and has another version that will be released in coming months.

If you love this remix, you can also check out Jamie xx’s band, The xx. Consider this a bonus track: “Stars” is a great introduction to the group’s sound.

  •  Lana Del Rey, “Born to Die”

Okay, so I know everyone thinks she bombed last weekend on Saturday Night Live when she performed. But, whatever, we can all get past that. I, personally, don’t think she should be written off just yet, hence the inclusion of Lana here. Her voice is refreshing, especially in the wake of Adele’s complete oversaturation. Plus, the synths she uses in the beginning are reminiscent of Kanye West, and they add a layer of catchiness and accessibility to the song that might otherwise not be there. Say what you want, but you can’t really hate her just yet. A good listen to this song might just convert you. (The video’s kind of awesome, too, and you can see it by clicking the previous link.)

  •  Drake featuring Nicki Minaj, “Make Me Proud”
The album cover for Drake's latest single featuring Nicki Minaj.

I am obsessed with this song. This is partially because fellow Fusion blogger Jackie Demate and I are semi-truly in love with Drake, but also because we are in love Nicki Minaj. The two of them together on one song is basically an ideal situation.

However, beyond that, Drake’s rapping is SO MUCH BETTER on his new material, and this is coming from someone who listened to his first album like it was just the greatest thing ever. Plus, I’m sorry, but I will take a rapping Nicki Minaj over a singing one any day, and her delivery is especially crisp and well produced on this song. And, let’s be honest, the beats that we have going on here will get any party started – even if it’s a studying party. This song will get you amped up, even if it’s to crack a book open.



In other music news…

  • The legendary Etta James passed away yesterday at the age of 73 (Jan. 20, 2012). The cause of death right now is suspected to be complications resulting from leukemia, which she was diagnosed with in 2010.
  • Katy Perry has apparently stopped following Russel Brand on Twitter, according to the Hollywood Reporter. This is obviously something you should care about. Right now.
  • Nicki Minaj released the video for the first single off of her upcoming album, Roman Reloaded. “Stupid Hoe” is everything you would expect from Minaj and video director Hype Williams: Lots of pink, lots of rapid-fire rapping, and lots of strobe light effects. And, of course, Minaj’s fabulous ass is on full display. As always.
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is getting a new exhibit, according to Rolling Stone magazine. Starting April 12, the Rock Hall will be featuring a Grateful Dead exhibit, which will include pieces like handwritten lyrics and five Jerry Garcia guitars. Big excitement on the lakefront in April. (The exhibit opens two days before the Rock Hall induction ceremony.)



Radiohead image courtesy Ella Mullins.
Featured photo is the cover of Lana Del Rey’s latest single, “Born to Die.”

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