Things I Wish I Could Fit In My Suitcase

So as we begin to near the end of March it’s starting to look like all of our cold weather has finally gone away!  Which is absolutely perfect because Spring Break is starting and none of us have to sit in a crowded lecture hall when we could be outside frolicking in this beautiful weather.

Speaking of Spring Break, I just got done packing for Hilton Head, so I’m going to give you guys a list of things I’m mad that I couldn’t manage to fit in my suitcase.


Hats– I love hats. Like, I really really love hats. I just got this fabulous wide-brimmed one from Forever 21 over winter break and I’ve been dying to wear it, but alas, beach = wind, wind + hats = fail (the previous is why I’ve taken Algebra 2 three times now) so there for it will not be attending Hilton Head with me, BUT any type of hat is super chic and would be great for you to wear around town or even if you’re going out on a quick Starbucks run!


Maxi Dress– Now, I am not always a fan of the maxi dress. It really has to be cut just right in order for it to be flattering, and some girls just don’t know when they can’t pull it off, however I do encourage you to scope it out, and try on some different ones to see what style works best for you. These are great for also running around town, but they also provide a good transition to evening wear, so if you’re headed to the beach or even out to dinner, you’re already dressed for the occasion!


Vest- A vest is always a great way to accent your wardrobe, it looks great with jeans, shorts, and skirts and dresses, so it’s a must have for your wardrobe! My personal favorites are lace, denim, and leather/biker style vests. Vests are a good way to make any typical jean/tanktop combo extra exciting! However, if your suitcase is already overflowing (Hashtag Fashionista Problems) then they are for-go-able, but you should most definitely have them on hand just in case 😉


If you do not own any of these items, then you should go out and buy them, because they’re fabulous. All of the above mentioned are very major right now, so please frequent your local mall and have fun shopping!

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