To Bleed or Not to Bleed

Periods. They’re really nothing new for college-aged women, but let’s face it, dealing with major symptoms such as cramping, bloating and irritations of all sorts stinks when all you really want to do is go to class, hang out or get shit done. The whole ‘my uterus kills!’ moans annoys the woman affected and everyone around her for one to five days.

Blood stains on your bikini? Why not try wearing red underwear for a change.

Talking with some friends today, they mentioned that there are some supposed ‘miracle’ drugs out there that liberate women from their periods. One such drug I found in a Google search is called Lybrel. It does more than just ease the symptoms: it gets rid of the blood and ovulation for as long as you take the drug.

I may hate my monthly cycle, miss class or work because of it and be in extreme pain for 24-hours, but would I want to be rid of it for good until I want to have children or just the symptoms back? Probably not. Women might hate their periods and complain about them for one week each month, but I feel as if things would be different without it.

Darleene, a sophomore who said she wishes to keep her last name anonymous, said though she currently takes birth control to regulate her cycle, she would never go the extra step to get rid of her periods.

“My hormones are already pretty messed up because of my birth control, so I don’t think I could add on any other drug,” Darleene said. “And I’m not even sure how healthy this ‘wonder-drug’ even is since it’s so new Who knows if it’s cancerous and could build up crap in your system?”

My question for you, readers: could you do it? Could you (or would you) be willing to test out a drug that eased all the pain, awkwardness and ruined underwear?

For the vast majority of women who aren’t taking Lybrel or similar drugs, here are some tips Kent State students gave on relieving symptoms and side-effects of their monthly cycles:

Dealing with Cramps

Outfit for the day? — Flannel pajama pants and baggy t-shirt. Fashion doesn’t matter.

Food and eating habits? — Hot tea, soup and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Pills to Take? — Several ibuprofen, Pamprin, Midol. Also, Lori Eads, RN at Northeast Ohio OB/GYN, said Planned Parenthood gives out cheap birth control prescriptions to young adults.

Would you be willing to take a drug to get rid of all your periods?

Pain Killers? — Heating pads, hot bath, peppermint oil, heated-up rice packs and back massages.

Releasing the Bitch

– Stay in your room for a couple hours until you’ve settled down your hormones.

– Shoot pictures, do yoga, read your favorite novel, write in a journal, daydream or take part in a hobby that pleases you most when you’re down or stressed.

– Sleep. Nothing can go wrong here!

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