Virginia students protest attorney general's anti-gay policy

Virginia students plan to protest the attorney general's suggestion to end college LGBT discrimination policies, the Washington Post reports.
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II recently issued a letter suggesting public universities remove discrimination policies based on sexual orientation. (Courtesy of Josh Blackman's Blog)

Virginia students are protesting the attorney general’s new policy suggesting an end to universities’ anti-discrimination policies, the Washington Post reported.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II issued a letter to public Virginia universities requesting they back track on their discrimination policies in regards to sexual orientation, the article stated.

Students from various campuses, some of which are on spring break, planned to protest the attorney general’s request and many student organizations have received emails from riled students.

The Family Foundation, on the other hand, supported the attorney general’s decision and is rallying its conservative Christian supporters behind Cuccinelli, according to the article.

The attorney general issued the letter, in part, because the universities applied the anti-discrimination language in their policies without an order from the General Assembly.

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— Justin McCraw

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