Watch and Learn, Young Jedi In a Wheelchair

This week, Glee brought to the forefront deeper complexities with Kurt, awkward teenage boy moments, a few amazing songs and--most importantly--PUCK.

This week, Glee brought to the forefront deeper complexities with Kurt, awkward teenage boy moments, a few amazing songs and–most importantly–PUCK. Everyone’s favorite bad boy is back with his regrown mohawk and a tougher attitude–or is it just a facade?

Theme. “Never Been Kissed,” as the episode is titled, describes both Kurt and Coach Beiste, who just want to be loved. Beiste takes a center role when the Glee guys reveal some gross, embarrassing things. The songs of the episode (including the “Boys vs. Girls” competition within Glee club) actually have little to do with the story line. The characters deal with inexperience, insecurity and overzealousness in the kissing field.

What I Loved.

  • Puck is back and badder than ever. Photo: Copyright 2010

    Did I mention Puck was back from Juvie? Oh yeah. With his mohawk once again crowning his head? Yes. And ridiculous, partially made-up stories to share. When discussing why he doesn’t want to go back to Juvie, Puck complains, “There were no chicks and no kosher meal options up in that place.” Oh Puck, you and your sweet combination of Jewish delicacy and tough-boy twang. Okay, moving on.

  • Dave, the big-boned, football-playing bully enjoys shoving Kurt into the lockers between class, letting him crumble to the ground in pain and humiliation. No, that’s not what I love about this scenario… When Kurt finally confronts Dave, they end up in the locker room alone, yelling and ranting. Then the bully plants a full, sloppy kiss on Kurt, much to Kurt’s complete shock. I literally screamed at the TV then laughed to myself–I knew it was coming! Glee sheds light on all kinds of people coming to terms with their homosexuality: Kurt, who is out and proud but desperately lonely and Dave, who covers up his sexuality with brutality.
  • Puck again…this time with Artie, singing “One Love” at lunchtime to hussle money for a double-date with Santana and Brittany. Very cute and smooth, and I think the rest of the world agrees: The single is #8 on iTunes as of today.
  • Kurt sneaks into Dalton Academy, an all-boy prep school, to spy on the New Direction’s competitor, who definitely have it goin’ on. The Warblers, as they call themselves, break out in an a capella version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Cue melting of hearts all over the Glee-osphere. (The Warblers’ version ranked #2 on iTunes about 30 minutes after the episode ended–and now it’s #1.) Dalton Academy provides Kurt with an enticing offer: The school has a no-tolerance policy for bullying. Everyone is treated equal, gay or straight, as it should be in the rest of the world. Kurt tears up at the thought of attending this school nirvana, but costly tuition keeps him from pursue attending. But that can’t keep him from pursuing
    Blaine and the rest of the Warbler crew do a fantastic "Teenage Dream" cover. Photo: Copyright 2010

    Blaine, the cute, gay, buttoned-up, lead male singer of the Warblers. I hope some happiness is finally in store for Kurtie!

What I Didn’t Love.

  • I continue to be confused by what impression Glee writers want their leading ladies to make. For wanting to stay abstinent, these girls act rather suggestively. Quinn and Rachel, both of whom want to keep things PG-rated with their boy toys, pick extremely romantic make-out spots: By a roaring fire, on a bed in a darkened room. Then they whisper provocative lines like “Say my name!” to the confused boys. Nothing wrong with playing mind games from time to time, but this is kind of ridiculous. No wonder Sam and Finn have to find such outrageous ways to cool off in the middle of these mixed-signal sessions…
  • Finn envisions hitting a mailman with his car and Sam thinks of Coach Beiste in lingerie. Creepy, weird boy stuff, I know. But when teachers overhear the guys discussing and yelling at Beiste, the guys confess to Schuester what it’s really all about. Um, awkward. What teenage boys would really tell their teacher about this kind of thing? What boy any age would? I’m pretty sure that kind of thing stays in the locker room.
  • Not to further stretch this, but I also cringed when Schuester relays this information to Beiste herself! Even more awkward than the previous scene. Never, ever would or should that happen. Period.

Top Brittany Quotes. Brittany has seemed to fade into the distance, but other characters supply the hilarious bits:

  • Kurt to bully Dave, before the kiss: “Guess what, hamhog? You’re not my type!”
  • Santana to Puck, after he makes some stupid comment: “You should be our nation’s president.”
  • Santana: “If everyone just put out, we’d have a better football team.”

Next Week: Schuester stays home sick, and guest star Gwenyth Paltrow steps plays his substitute. Principal Figgins catches something as well, so Sue Sylvester–who else?!–takes over as principal for the day.

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