We must fight: one Democrat’s take on Republican women

had a recent conversation with my girlfriend in which she told me about blowing a gasket during the Prop. 8 era in California. She had been campaigning against it, dealing with homophobes all day… and finally she erupted on a few women who were supporters of Prop. 8.

“Wow. You know, it’s women like you who make me proud that we get the right to vote. Isn’t it great that all of those suffragists fought for your right to vote, just so that you could turn around and try to take my rights away? You do me proud.”

That is what she said to them. And you know what? That’s how I feel too.

Just like the republican poor, the republicans of color, and the republican gays– republican women inspire a rage in me that is hard to express without vulgar words and obscene hand gestures.

You want to talk about not knowing how to vote in your own interests? Tell you what, I’ll place a bet with you.
I bet you that within 100 years republicans will turn around and say, “American, white, heterosexual males: Do you see these idiots? How can you say that the poor, people of color, gays, and women deserve the right to vote when they vote against their own? At least we have stuck together throughout the years!”

And all of us, the “minorities,” will lose our right to vote. To a certain extent, we may even have it coming– because of you.
That is sickening. Some women out there have VOTED for politicians who believe that pregnencies resulting from rape are “gifts from God.” Really? God thought that you should have a rapist’s baby? Some trigger-happy gays out there want to vote republican, not realizing that nobody cares about their fucking hunting gun. We just don’t want anyone to have the right to guns that can take out 50 people in 5 seconds. Got that?

People of color want to have an equal footing in society, and yet still many vote for the asshole who wants to limit their access to opportunity. Why? Because the dumb mother-fucker stands at the podium and talks about GOD? Neither your religion, nor his is at all relevant here. You want to know what is? Helping people, who through generations of oppression, became impoverished. And frankly, secular groups wont ask for a tithe because God needs your money. Adopt a child and spend that money to feed and clothe him. As for the republican poor? Oh they think that “trickle-down” economics will work, and that lowering the price of gas is better than making new technology allowing high mpgs and cars which don’t need oil.

They think that their patriotism will save them, because republicans are all about helping your poor ass out of debt, since all of you are so “American” right? No, actually, you’re wrong. They care about making money, and that means making it easier to deny you a pension plan, lay you off, and/or ship your job to China.

Please, pull your heads out of your asses in time to reverse climate change, not force thousands more domestic animals in the streets, and wild ones into extinction just so that you can sit on your ass and feel sorry for youself when you realize you voted against your own communities and families.


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