Westboro Baptist Church’s False Promises Lend Itself to Pride! Parade

by Brittany #Rees


Last night, an impromptu Pride! parade marched through the sidewalks of #Kent State, after the #Westboro Baptist Church failed to make due on their promise to picket the school.

Monday morning, the WBC took to #Twitter, tweeting a vow to picket #Kent State for being “fag enablers”. The attention of the WBC was earned after Kent’s athletic department suspended wrestler Sam #Wheeler for homophobic remarks he made on Twitter last week.

The church called for supporters to picket and protest last night’s basketball game; however, no church supporters were found. Instead, GSM allies and advocates congregated around 7 p.m. at Risman Plaza to counter-protest the WBC’s message of hate.

The group, made up primarily #Pride!Kent members, carried signs reading “Jesus had two dads” and “Keep our campus gay.” Once gathered, the allies marched through Kent campus, chanting and collecting signatures for marriage equality petitions before returning to Risman Plaza and reminding GSM supporters that the fight for sexual equality is not over.

In response, the Westboro Baptist Church returned to Twitter, posting photos from the Pride! march which had been edited to mock the night’s events. The majority of photos were edited to include members of WBC holding signs reading “God Hates Fags” and “Kent State Fag Enablers”.

Below are some of the photos gathered from last nights events, as well as some of the edited photos the Westboro Baptist Church posted.

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