When is the Last Time You Took a Shower?

When I need to de-stress, I hop in the shower, and forget the world for half an hour, but I feel like everyone should get to have some sort of relaxing routing, so for the rest of the semester I'll shell out ancient (and maybe even long-forgotten) relaxation techniques to help my beloved readers shed their stress after the trials of the week.

This whole week, I’ve been looking forward to finally starting my blog back up, but it wasn’t until about 5 o’clock today that I realized something horrible:  I had no idea what I wanted to write about.  So, after an eternity of staring at my laptop and waiting for an amazing idea to hit me, I decided to take a shower.

I'd never leave if I didn't prune up

For those of you who don’t know, showering for me means more than just cleaning myself, shower time is relaxation time.  The sound of the water droplets pounding against the shower wall, the smell of the soapy steam wafting into my nose, and feel of the warm spray caressing my body lulls me into a state of complete relaxation, where my mind is completely blank (which is only slightly more blank than usual).  It was in this state of blissful mind-nothingness that a question for you, the reader, found its way into my head:  When was your last shower?  After a few more minutes of mindful quietness, let me refine the question.  When was the last time you relaxed?  When was the last time you just sat back, stopped worrying about all the problems of life, and just let your mind float away?

Once I left the shower and the world began raking its fingers through my mind again, I thought of what I could do to make that vague question of relaxation into an actual blog post.  I was once again staring at my computer screen, this time dancing around an idea that now seems so obvious.  Last semester, I wrote about the news that directly applied to the LGBT community, but this semester I will blog about something that affects everybody:  relaxation.  Every Friday, I plan to provide you with a well-researched relaxation tip, so that you (and I) can wash off the stress of the week and enter the weekend with a relieved smile.

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