Xbox Live offers LGBT gamertags

Xbox gamers now have additional possibilitites when displaying their relationship interests online.


Xbox Live now offers LGBT options for gamers' sexual orientations. (courtesy of


Due to changes in Xbox Live Code of Conduct, gamers can now define themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight.

This is an opportunity that policymakers did not previously allow to prevent insults.

“Since the launch of Xbox Live – the 360 version of it – in 2005, the people who were in charge of policy made a decision, that they made with good intentions, and that was to cut down on insults and misuse and bad speech. They decided that the expression of your relationship orientation, your sexual orientation, is not going to be allowed in gamertags or profiles,” said Stephen Toulouse, director of policy and enforcement on Xbox Live, in an interview.

These new sexual preference terms are limited, though. Only the approved terms may be used. Any others are blocked to prevent hate speech. Toulouse said they will take action if hate words become an issue.

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