LGBT individuals now have more protection in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City made history last week when it became the first city in Utah to ban LGBT discrimination.


Mayor Ralph Becker's October proposals for LGBT protection were finally made affective last week. (courtesy of


Laws to protect LGBT individuals from discrimination went into effect this weekend in Salt Lake City.

Democratic Mayor Ralph Becker introduced two ordinances to make discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal. In October, their passage seemed unlikely as Republicans denounced them.

“I don’t think the discrimination they scream about is really real,” Republican State Senator Chris Buttars said to Salt Lake City-based KCPW radio. “I’m watching that to see what they try to do, and if they keep pushing it, then I will bring a bill about it.”

However, Becker’s proposal did go into effect on Friday.

“These ordinances demonstrate our determination to foster an environment of good will and acceptance welcoming every member of the community as an integral part of our Great American City,” said Becker in a statement. “Everyone in Salt Lake City will benefit from the protections these ordinances provide.”

In approving the law, Salt Lake City became the first city in Utah to ban such discrimination, a move the Utah Legislature has refused to do.

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