Obama takes Ohio, wins the country


If you thought your vote didn’t count in this great state we live in, think again! When Obama took Ohio last night, Romney knew he was in trouble. While the results break down to such a close race between the two parties, one thing stands certain after this election: Regardless of the candidate you voted for, your voice was heard.

Just as we saw after the 2008 election, was flooded again with a political firestorm. Here are just a few of my favorite Facebook posts I happened to see this morning after all was said and done … Comment if you see one that’s yours and you’d like to claim it! (Will the real Obama Mama please stand up?)



Some pondered ‘s actions …


Some even thanked the Lord Almighty …


But this gal knows just who showed their die-hard support at the polls:

Some were criticized for their right to choose


And others simply knew what was at stake




While one Republican took the loss in stride


It doesn’t change the fact that …





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