Baby, You’re a Firework

In honor of Coming Out Week 2011, we will take a look at some of the coming out stories of the characters throughout the seasons.

One of the reasons the hit show The L Word was so popular had to do with its realistic depiction of the struggles that the LGBTQ community face regularly. Throughout the seasons, there were accusations of Military Homosexual Misconduct, an FTM transsexual pregnancy, and plenty of coming out stories. So, in honor of Coming Out Week 2011, we will take a look at some of the coming out stories of the characters throughout the seasons. These are the coming out stories of some of The L Word cast. (Heads up: click on the links to access the corresponding videos.)


Alice Pieszecki

Alice Pieszecki, played by Leisha Hailey

Alice is the self-proclaimed bisexual within her circle of friends. It was her passion for music that led to her coming out while in college. While dating a male band member, Alice falls in lust with the band’s new bassist. This girl on girl chemistry thrilled the band’s concert audiences and made Alice realize her newest passion, men AND women. While her father and brother disowned her for her lifestyle, she maintained a stable relationship with her mother.



Jenny Schecter

Jenny Schecter, played by Mia Kirshner

Perhaps one of the most loved and equally hated characters of the entire series, Jenny Schecter was small town jewish girls turned award-winning LA author. When the series began, Jenny had just moved to LA with her boyfriend whom she had convinced herself she was in love with, until she met Marina. Marina was the first woman to make her question her own sanity. She was the first woman to break her heart. But more importantly, she was the first woman to make Jenny realize that she was gay.



Tina Kennard

Tina Kennard, played by Laurel Holloman

Tina Kennard was a character whose sexual background was quite disturbing and likely influenced her sexual relationships as an adult. She spent three years of her early childhood in an incestuous sexual relationship with her older sister. Tina carried the burden of this secret throughout adulthood. When she met Bette Porter at a gallery event, her life changed forever. Bette became the love her life. The two eventually settled down, moved in together, and had a daughter.



Dana Fairbanks

Dana Fairbanks, played by Erin Daniels

Dana was probably the most lovable character of The L Word. Her positive attitude and zest for life made her into an amazing professional tennis player. Tennis was also the reason she knew she was a lesbian. Although she knew who she was, her parents were unwilling to accept that their daughter was gay. Her dating history included Alice Pieszecki who cared for Dana after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in season three.  She later died of heart failure as a result of the cancer. During her funeral, the priest’s eulogy presented Dana the way her parents had always wanted to see her, as a heterosexual woman.


Carmen de la Pica Morales

Carmen de la Pica Morales, played by Sarah Shahi

Carmen played The L Word’s sexy latina fire bomb. Her turbulent relationship with infamous bad girl Shane McCutcheon triggered her coming out. While at a family BBQ, Carmen’s mother sets Shane up with a male family friend unaware that Shane and her daughter are a couple. Carmen abruptly interjects and admits that Shane is indeed her girlfriend. Although her mother is initially disappointed, she comes to accept Carmen in time for her wedding. Unfortunately, in true Shane fashion, she abandons Carmen at the alter and so ends the story of Sharmen.


After coming out, few of the shows characters were embraced by their families. Some were abandoned, others were ignored, and one, even in death, was never accepted for who she was. To me, this is an unimaginable and unjustifiable consequence for being you. I cannot pretend to know what it feels like to walk in your shoes because I am not gay. And I will not say that I know coming out will get easier one day, because I don’t. All I can promise is that you are beautiful to me regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual identity, or any other bogus criteria that seeks to separate us from what we all truly are: people.  Just remember to never allow another person to steal your spark. Be your own firework.


Finding The Whitney:

Me and my ladies are making a trip tomorrow to Bounce Nightclub. Chances of running into a Whitney? Off the charts!! Check back next week to see who we found!

Happy Coming Out Week!

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