Jamaica Gay Pride 2010 makes a statement

In a nation where LGBT demonstration can get people killed, activists organized into Jamaica's first ever pride march.
April 23 marked Jamaica's first ever gay pride march. (courtesy of southfloridagaynews.com)

Jamaica had its first, though unorganized, gay pride march Friday.

For Jamaica Gay Pride 2010, LGBT individuals crowded Emancipation Park wearing boas and pride t-shirts. They kissed and danced for hours before dispersing for safety reasons.

According to South Florida Gay News, there was no sign or sponsor for this event, but the act itself was a daring one, for Jamaica is a nation where actions like these could get one killed.

The group faced insults and shouts, and passers-by went out of their ways to avoid the area and any possible connection to the scene.

According to an anonymous source in an interview with South Florida Gay News, “There is so much more that must be done. They need condoms and HIV testing. They need cell phones to keep in touch with each other and plan for safety in their community. But this was an amazing and liberating experience for them. I think of myself as an educator and I try to teach the LGBT community in Jamaica about who they are and how to take care of themselves but it’s hard when they don’t have some basic needs being met.”

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